About Us

Vegan Kitchen Services (VKS) is a family operated business. We are lacto-vegetarian, and like to know what is in our food. We know that vegan is an objective we should strive for. We want to know that our food does not have cross-contamination from non-vegan ingredients, or from various allergens or potentially undesirable ingredients, such as wheat, peanuts, mushrooms, onion, and garlic, etc. Also important to us is that as much of the food supply chain as is possible be staffed by people that practice non-violence in their daily lives.


Our Vision

You know what is in the ingredients of your food, and the mindset of those who produced them.

You know the kitchen was set up to focus solely on vegan food preparation. Where kitchens prepare non-vegan foods, you have assurances of separation in storage, processing, preparation, and delivery.

You know that when allergen cross-contamination is a concern, you have assurances that the kitchen maintains appropriate separation.

You know that various organizations partnered together in setting Vegan Kitchen Standards.

As a consumer, you look at a menu and can clearly understand when a dish is 100% vegan. You can also see what Vegan Kitchen Standards the kitchen conforms to. The menu also lets you know whether or not common allergens are contained within the dish, and which ingredients may be excluded from your order.

As a consumer of delivery and pickup orders, you are able to choose whether or not you need napkins, plastic utensils, condiment packets, and additional plates. You do not want to waste anything, or contribute unnecessarily to the already over-burdened environment.

As a consumer, you know the mindset of who is delivering your food. Whether the kitchen is using a delivery service shared with non-vegan dishes, or a Vegan Kitchen Services driver that is committed to non-violence—you are able to make an informed choice.

As an individual, you are just as hungry for information about food as you are for eating it. You are able to access a wide range of information on the Vegan Kitchen Services web site about food, including recipes, ingredients and supply chain, various diet considerations, health, culture and history. In addition, you are able to purchase books on these various topics as well.

As a person, you can choose whether or not you want your meal to come from a religious institution. Whether Kosher, Orthodox Union, or other standards are used, Vegan Kitchen Standards helps you understand the cleanliness and standards that apply. In addition, if you want your food to be sanctified you are able to choose that as well.



December 2017 – The idea for Vegan Kitchen Services was born and Internet domain names were reserved.

2018 – Over multiple brainstorming and planning sessions, a strategic and operating plan were outlined for launching Vegan Kitchen Services.

January 2019 – We went into high gear to create the business infrastructure. Web site development began.

February 2019 – The core of the web site is essentially completed.


Future Plans

March 2019 – Complete web site content development first wave. Complete testing with live food vendor and book eCommerce.

April – September 2019 – Sign up food vendors, with a focus on catering and restaurants. Begin exhibiting at regional area vegan and vegetarian events. Begin online and print advertising campaigns. Establish first wave of book titles for sale online and at events. For this year, we will not provide our own drivers, but rely on food vendors to provide. Begin identifying and selling certain shelf-stable vegan food items.

October – December 2019 – Build out more educational content. Refine and expand book and shelf-stable vegan food item offering. Refine kitchen standards documentation online. Sign up more restaurants, and other food vendors. Propose menu icon standards, and begin pilot testing them.

2020 and beyond – More of the same. Begin focus on meal kits. Based upon volume, determine time to contract with our own delivery drivers. Look for the opportunity to include automated delivery methods as infrastructure becomes available. Expand city by city to each state in the United States, and ultimately have a worldwide footprint and impact.



Above is our vision, and this web site reflects our strategy to get there. Once well-established in the Washington DC area, we will be seeking to expand into other major cities in the United States.