Kitchen Standards

This is a subject that Vegan Kitchen Services will be playing a very active role in. Existing food service industry certifications like those offered by ServSafe, are very important – especially ServSafe Allergens. However, we will be extending these standards to treat isolation of vegan food storage, processing, preparation and service, with the same weight as life-threatening allergens. We will also be extending these standards to address the various religious faiths, as some of them have very specific requirements that are not currently being met within the food service industry. For starters, Kosher and Hindu standards.

Stay tuned to this page for news about our efforts to extend these standards and how you may participate in their development.

In addition to the overarching standards referenced above, each State in the United States has its own laws and regulations pertaining to food service. See this FDA pageĀ State Retail and Food Service Codes and Regulations by State for information pertaining to a specific state. Bear in mind that there are also local food service regulations. For example, where we are located, we have the Montgomery County, Maryland, Health and Human Services, Food and Facilities Licensing requirements.